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     Ashley Harper is a multi-faceted and extremely diverse actress with a polished appearance and a comfortable poised camera demeanor. Ashley brings all of her lifelong skills from her background of beauty pageantry and modeling/print work, to television, films, commercials and theatre. Building a solid professional network and standing alongside her acting career, Ashley has appeared in various television productions including ABC’s “The Bachelor;” and Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Greenleaf” both on and off the screen as a core stand in for Lynn Whitfield among others; and on camera as a core church secretary full time for three seasons. Simultaneously, she advanced the opportunities to feature and stand in on the sets of such other productions as: Marvel’s “Ant Man & The Wasp,” FOX’s “Star,” Youtube Red’s “Step Up: Highwater,” and many more within her short breakthrough in 2016 upon relocating to Atlanta.


     With an immense passion for acting and performance as a youth, Ashley grew up starring in such community and church theatre plays as: “A Christmas Pageant,” as the principal actress and vocal soloist; and “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,” as Mrs. Beaver.  As an adult she created a solid base for her career; advancing and propelling her skills by securing formal training. She relocated to Denver, Colorado from her home state of North Carolina after college and completed an intensive study at Denver’s International Performing Arts Academy with Julie Gallahue and then went on to teach and graduate a class of 80 children ages 5 to 17 in modeling and acting “101.”


     Aside from working as a full time actress in the thriving new Atlanta’s television and movie productions, Ashley formed professional alliances with numerous noted companies and was cast principal as “Young Ashton” for the riveting spiritually and emotionally driven theatre stage play and live music drama entitled, “Leaping Forward: Leaving The Past Behind;” written by Myra Brown; her co-worker from Oprah Winfrey’s, “Greenleaf;” for Color Your Destiny Theatre Company at Total Women of God Healing & Deliverance Empowerment Conference. She was also casted principal in the Tiara West independent film, “Dear Amber” as Amber’s mother young that went on to be nominated at the 2018 Los Angeles Shorts Awards. Swimming in years of diverse experience, Ashley confirmed her eccentricity by being casted in an IBM worldwide corporate training video and commercial for all international internal employees where she was casted as a principal IBM employee speaker.


     Ashley recently had another independent film supporting actress cameo in the horror/suspense thriller film, “Grudges Never Die,” coming soon for the Fall of 2020. She is perhaps best known for her appearance as 1 of the 25 contestants chosen worldwide to be casted on the ABC network reality cult television show classic, “The Bachelor,” season 17. But since then, Ashley simply does not let her luck on such a broad t.v. show’s platform define her years of skill and proficiency on stage and in front of the camera. Without a doubt, Ashley’s experience and adaptability onscreen stems from her distinctive, innate talent in the entertainment industry.  As Ashley dives deeper into bridging the gap from reality star to a serious scripted acting, she continues to gain momentum as an inspiring pioneer unlike many in a sea of the same. Undoubtedly, Ashley Harper is going somewhere new and exciting everyday in the acting world and is becoming the new freshest face that everyone is talking about!


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