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Emcee, Mistress Of Ceremonies, & Public Speaking History

Television, Youtube, & The PhunkHouse Resident Atl Host












    Ashley Harper's riveting and very well-seasoned, event hosting and emcee background is simply groundbreaking. Her bold personality and snazzy style has landed her hosting chops at everything from beauty pageants to red carpets with some of your favorite stars! Creating a professional name for her self among young Black Hollywood; Ashley's cool demeanor, relatable humor, and her "beauty queen-esque" sophistication and articulation most certainly makes her a shining standout among any event that she hosts. Over the years, her leadership experience working various projects, shows, and reporting events both live and post-show, has allowed her to be prepared for nearly any event condition and confidently ready to execute her talent with no hesitations.


     Ashley's humble beginnings as a host on a microphone of any event, started as her emceeing local beauty pageants in her home state of North Carolina that she had won the state competition for. As soon as she learned how to read, Ashley would volunteer to officially emcee the local pageants leading to up to the state competition. She gained much of her foundation as a public speaker and host this way and also through staying involved in her school through extracurricular activities such as student government. She won every school presidential election since the sixth grade that she went for and deemed every election speech and debate back then was a "sharpening mechanism for her intellectual future."


    After college she moved to Colorado and won Miss Southern Colorado where she continued public speaking, emceeing, and community service during her reign. After Miss Colorado, she decided to utilize her emceeing skill and ability to speak effortlessly on the microphone in a new way outside of pageantry and competition but yet still purposeful and impactful of her professional experience and community service driven heart. Her international stint on the cult-acclaimed t.v. reality show phenomenon, "The Bachelor," gained Ashley huge notoriety and opportunity all of which she had already been well suited for. She hosted Dish Network TV channel, Zee TV, "Indian Wedding Festival Live;" from downtown Denver's state Capitol building with over 15,000 attendants. She hosted, "The Winners Circle," at ESPN2's NHRA National Drag Racing Championship held in Denver by MOPAR. She even had the time to host, perform, AND debut at her Official Music Demo and Music Video Red Carpet Release Party held at the Crowne Plaza Downtown Denver!

    Ashley relocated back to her home turf of the South back in 2016 and is STILL on fire. She auditioned and was selected as the official host of the YouTube web-based, ATL In 6 0 Seconds; owned and directed by Tricia Curry. During her time as the official host, Ashley worked with over a dozen talented field reporters and hosts under her leadership in studio and around the Atlanta metro community interviewing artists, owners, athletes, chefs, businesses, and everything that Atlanta has to offer in sixty seconds! As the official host, Ashley successfully chief covered the official opening of Atlanta's own Mercedes Benz Stadium with team; and the late great singer-superstar Aaliyah 's family's red carpet opening of their southwest Atlanta restaurant and bar, "Jay's Kitchen." She also hosted the amazing red carpet for a cause and annual celebration, Celebrity Sickle Cell Bowling Tournament;" where she interviewed celebrities like T-Pain and Cesar from VH1 and owner of Black Ink!


   Today, Ashley is continuing to embark on new journey's still utilizing her old legacies. She was selected as the Official Host of The Phunk House: Artist Spotlight Night held live every 4th Wednesday in Atlanta. She has been the one and only and consistent host monthly since the live show's beginning back in December 2018 that highlights the hottest selected Atlanta independent artists chosen by The Phunk House. (See the link for details if you are an artist that would like to perform in our next live showcase, with our amazing house band, Dynasty! )Ashley will soon be partnering with Atlanta's semi-pro basketball team and community activists, the Georgia Spartans very soon as an official on camera host for their Amazon Firestick channel focusing on interviewing community athletes, leaders, organizations, etc. As Ashley Harper continues to soar into limitless heights, we all are spellbound on what she will do next. What will she wear? Who will she meet? Undoubtedly, Ashley is only focused on what a real professional host has to for her audience and her job. A flawless, entertaining delivery!

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