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     Ashley Harper has been a brilliant and blatant strong force on all levels of stage, film, & pageantry for over 25 years. Beginning at only 5 years old and later commencing her illustrious career as a Miss America organization state top ten finalist--Ashley has won, competed, represented, and judged a lifetime's worth of a myriad of hundreds of pageants and titles within her homestate of North Carolina and beyond in such pageant systems as: Hawaiian Tropic International, Tropical Dream Stars USA, America's Cover Miss, America's Gorgeous Girls, America's Little Miss, Universal Southern Charm, NC State & National Elite, NC Southern Belle, NC Sensational Miss, Sunburst USA, Cover Miss USA, Miss America's Outstanding Teen, Miss Teen USA (State photogenic winner; Top 5 two years in a row; State 4th runner up; State 3rd runner up) Miss America (State local title-holder & state top 10), and Miss USA, (State swimsuit, photogenic, & interview competitions winner).


    In addition to her multi-faceted winning on-stage competition expertise, Ashley also proudly hand sketched, styled, and designed her very own original pageant wardrobe throughout her pageant career starting at age 9 (alongside her Momager) and they would ultimately have it all professionally custom made to wear in competitions. She also borrowed out her knowledge of the winning edge for business and began sketching and designing custom pieces for other competitors simultaneously. It wouldn't be long before Ashley would eventually meet the pageant world's very high demand of her winning one-on-one coaching skills as well and she began her business, "Ashley's Ace's" at just 13 years old which still exists today. Ashley's Ace's is currently set for an official relaunch and new student registration in the Fall of 2021.



   Ashley's passion for even beginning pageants started by her seeing a flyer outside her elementary school classroom with a crown on it. It read, "Little Miss Southview;" and Ashley knew she wanted to be a part of it. Excitedly, she went home that evening and told her Mom all about it. She said, "You have to work hard. Practice. Those things aren't easy, you know." Ashley accepted the challenge and it was on from there. Different from most kids in any kind of competition or rigorous rehearsal schedules, Ashley fully embraced practicing, perfecting and competing because she had her own personal set goals to meet internally. No one ever had to push Ashley to want to win, practice, nor compete--she just DID. Her drive was to be the best, no question. She won her very first pageant while staying in Georgia at her Aunt Rhonda's for the summer that year; Little Miss Columbus, Georgia. When she returned home from Georgia, she immediately won her 2nd title; Tiny Miss Goldsboro, North Carolina and never looked back.


    At 8, Ashley sought out a larger stage and more opportunities to compete for more prizes which meant traveling outside of the local pageant range for more options. She competed in a local Hawaiian Tropic "mall pageant" where she won Overall and fees off of the two-state double header. Ashley competed in the 2-state competition and won Overall Magestic Hawaiian Tropic North and South Carolina State Queen. This was her very first statewide win and she only sought more competition from there. She went on to compete in the Hawaiian Tropic International Finals in Orlando, Florida where she then won her very first professional modeling agency contract and clothing catalog campaign publications for Children's Wear Digest.


    As Ashley grew up continuing to travel and compete all over the east coast in pageants on all levels including: local, state, mini-national, national, & international; she became thoroughly well-versed and skilled on all of the types of pageantry as well. From perfecting interview competition at 9 years old; to choreographing her own national level pro-am, glitz, vogue-style modeling at 9; she has won countless Overall and Supreme titles and accolades undoubtedly marking her one of the best. One of the few of her time, and if ever; Ashley effortlessly balanced competing and winning both natural pageants and pro-am/high glitz pageantry with poise and ease. Ashley's extensive and impressive nearly thousand title resume indicates nothing less than a distinguished pageant veteran who has competed and won a pageant nearly every weekend of her life and all over the United States.




    At 13, Ashley began her business "Ashley's Ace's" to coach, teach, choreograph, and train other young women that winning pageant "way." Specializing in pro-am/glitz/vogue modeling, talent, swimsuit, evening, interviewing, Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, and Miss America winning training specialties. Ashley's Aces have competed and won on every level of pageantry and Ashley is eager to officially relaunch her coaching academy next Fall of 2021 so stay tuned for new student registration coming soon!


     Ashley is also an esteemed certified pageant judge and has judged every level of pageantry from local level natural style, to national level, high glitz, pro-am styles of pageantry. She has mastered all levels of competition over the decades as a competitor and as a coach which allows her to easily and fairly recognize an authentic, polished winner whether the pageant is great or small. In 2005, both Ashley and her mother became Miss America Organization certified pageant judges. She has had the honor of judging such pageants and scholarship programs as: Little, Junior, & Teen Miss Lumbee; National American Miss Oregon State Finals; National American Miss N.C. State Finals; among many others.



    Part of winning the crown is accepting all of the responsibility involved with being a role model in the community and most of all to other young women. Ashley Harper has maintained her credence from all those years ago when first she began competing and winning her very first local level, small town beauty pageants in North Carolina; some of which held very important responsibilities such as holiday parades, homecomings, charity events, hospital visits, and general overall positivity through community service. Always in the local town newspaper and local gossip at her school through her pageant wins, Ashley was a small town celebrity since just a kid, but kept a hard working mentality over any conceit or self vanity which she credits for all her life's many blessings. Refreshingly humble, Ashley has continued her vow that she began as a little girl to maintain a consistent, positive role model to all--but, hopefully reaching to all of the other little Black Princesses out there who dare to dream to become bigger and not in self vanity, but to positively inspire another generation, and so on. Ashley Harper indeed withholds a lifetime of knowledge on how to precisely win the crown, but more impressively, she carries the knowledge and compassion of how to maintain a high profile position with heart and without compromising her self, morals, values, or genuineness. "Each one, teach one. And the purpose of a life is a life of purpose" she affectionately notes as 2 of her favorite life mottos. Ashley's inner beauty radiates just that; before you are floored by her natural charisma, uncommon beauty, and down-to-earth personality with a one-of-a-kind Miss Universe-esque allure.

Over 25 Years In Pageant & Entertainment Industry Experience

Lifetime former childhood to adult beauty queen & peageant: judge, stylist & coach

From Local Queen To International Level

Winning Pageant Coach & Certified Pageant Judge

A Queen's Legaxy Through Leadership

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