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coming very soon!

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A Note From Ashley:

"Everyone deserves to feel and look their very best for special occasions, work, school, or especially now that we're all in home alot--just because! That's why I am re-selling my wardrobe's new and gently worn special pieces that I was blessed to acquire and made me feel just that way, through my brand new shop A. S. Harper Resale! For the first time ever everything from my wardrobe & other selected boutiques will all be up for sale for you to feel & look amazing too! I'm all about positive energy and keeping your faith in these super tough times worldwide and all of my pieces are not only taken care of in the very best home conditions; but everything is daily and weekly taken care of within a permanent quarantine in their own separate boutique. All of my pieces are re-washed, disinfected, dry-cleaned, and steamed prior to shipping. Everything is literally ready to go from my love & care to yours! We're getting everything set up to launch the website and on all forms of social media so you can keep up and I couldn't be more excited and grateful to share with you all out there! Follow the links NOW so you're not behind on the liquidation lituation! I can't wait to see you all in comments testimonials looking and feeling amazing soon!:)"


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